Canva, birthday saver

Working in a startup, one key learning is frugality.

During such tough times, Canva helped me turn into a pseudo designer.

We were about to complete a year since we launched Tootle (a ride-sharing application inside Kathmandu valley solving transportation problems.) However, we had no graphic designer at that point and I started worrying. Especially because we had no graphical content to post on social media through which we wanted to announce our brand’s birthday.

So, I as a marketing lead for the brand got my heads into the designer mode with whatever I had.

Tootle’s birthday and Canva’s greatness inspired me to create these two graphical contents which were posted on the official Facebook page of Tootle. The post-performance was about 3K organic reach.


Illustration 1:  Canva elements played around with Tootle brand colors to create a birthday post for the brand.



Illustration 2: Canva elements tweaked into Tootle brand elements for Tootle Christmas post.

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