Trove Brand Story


The basic tenet behind pursuing Trove, a privacy focussed bookmark manager is the fact that reading has been an intrinsic part of our lives. We are constantly trying to ingrain this habit in us because we believe it enlightens and helps develop a sound view of the globe. What we read is important to us.

Bookmarking applications have always helped us curate our personal reading space. The contents that we save to read later are the ones upon which we formulate our views and get influenced at many levels. This influence is so powerful and if not treasured could be manipulated in ways unimaginable. Therefore we believe privacy in this space is a dire requirement. 

Via Trove, we add the value of privacy by never reading from your personal space. The information stored in Trove is encrypted by default because we treasure your privacy as much as you do. 
In a world, where everything is overexposed, we thought the simplest thing we could do was to protect the mystery of our minds by creating Trove.

How the name came to be

We believe that a good name always serves as a foundation for building an amazing brand. We had a couple of brand name thoughts. Initially, we thought of a name that emphasizes the worth of using the application. Hence, the first name we came up with was “Noteworthy”. 

Note – simply defining the bookmark characteristic. Worthy – reflects our vision of seeing some significant worth in pursuing decentralized technology because we believe in privacy. Noteworthy– because what you read is your worth as much as it is your business.

Sample Logo envisioned

However, the team thought the inclination of Noteworthy is more towards the act of taking notes than bookmarking. As fair as the logic sounds, we decided to brainstorm more. Ideas like Paana (meaning pages in Nepali), Scoop, Pouch etc were in line.

Meanwhile, we reflected more into our brand story. The purpose of why we decided to do this in the first place. It was because we treasured our reading practice. What we read, made our thoughts, ideas and us overall. Hence, Trove!  whose literal meaning is a store of valuable things.

Trove is a beautiful word and it is more so when we anchor it to our brand story.

Trove-  a powerful and secure space to organize your bookmarks. For readers, writers and anyone who wants to treasure their knowledge.

Sample logo envisioned before we communicated our vision to the designers.

On choosing the Color

Transparency has been at the core of Trove. And we couldn’t think of a better inspiration for transparency than water. 
Tiny particles of water act as reflective mirrors in the Ocean, so a large part of the color that we see in the Ocean depends on what is around it.  Blue, when it reflects back the color of the sky or Green due to the presence of algae or plant life.
Hence, we decided to experiment with the shades of ocean blue and green as our primary color.


Multiple iterations of the icon

Working hands-on, no turning back!

Inspiration behind the Final Brandmark

Our Final Brandmark

Progressive fidelity Sketches (for proper product definition and brand presence)

Hello, Swift Coders!

And the makers, brand storytellers

The Final Show

Join the Bandwagon of Trove

Creating a brand in the uncharted territory of decentralization made us grow and deliver a modern, secure and beautiful app like Trove. This is the first version of Trove, we plan to audit the brand further as the product moves in different cycles. 
Here, join the bandwagon of Trove by using it and tweeting about us. We would love to hear your feedbacks and grow. If you love our story, please show your support by upvoting us here.

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