All big business starts small

Project रचनाहरु (Rachanaharu) meaning  “creation” in Nepali is a curated list of creative local Nepali products and brands. With our personal experience, we thought it is very difficult to discover & find new local products and businesses in one place. Considering the significant growth of micro-entrepreneur ventures in Nepal (especially in the last decade), we thought we could maybe put a small effort of bringing them together in one cozy space. Therefore, this is our initiation of making a hub of local creative brands.

We envision that a platform as such has the potential to:

  • serve as a good portal to comprehend how homegrown small businesses are flourishing and opens up possibilities of collaboration with one another.
  • help us discover many artisan products under one umbrella.
  • map the market trend based on our categorization of the brand. We have currently categorized the brands under 12 headings.

This artisan brands curation platform was initiated as a community-driven concept by my friend @prashishh and me. It will further be maintained by a community of creative brand enthusiasts. If you wish to contribute to this project by volunteering, please write to us at

If you want your business to be on the list, please fill this form (Submit your business to रचनाहरु) Your brand will be assessed by a group of independent volunteers and the listing decision is based on two criteria for now:

  • Your brand should make or sell local products.
  • Your brand should fall under artisan brand category.

We have built this platform using Notion (The all in one workplace for your notes, wikis, databases) In a way, this project was one reason to discover Notion inventively as well. Rachanaharu aims to become your one-stop solution of finding a local creative brand in Nepal while Notion is your one-stop solution of becoming all in one workplace and no more getting lost in tabs.

The URL to project Rachanaharu is here:




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