The Red Series

Wandering about, to find my lost soul, I reached Photoktm 2018 again (Photo Kathmandu is an international photography festival organized by, a platform for photography in Nepal.) I had been to the one in Patan a few days back, today I went to Chaya Centre, Thamel. History, Art and Expressions have a magnetic effect on me.

The setup or interiors of the exhibition at Chaya Centre was so beautiful with a red theme that it triggered something in me and then I decided to capture anything Red that caught my eye today.

It wasn’t really difficult since Thamel is a colorful street. However, it’s fascinating how what we observe or pick is so different from one another.

I call it “The Red series”

My inspiration: PhotoKathmandu (

IMG_20181021_154226__01.jpgImage1: Photoktm 2018 exhibition at Chaya Centre, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal


IMG_20181021_154158__01Image2: Photoktm 2018 exhibition at Chaya Centre, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal


red1Image 3: My red pick series.


Red2Image 4: My red pick series.


red3Image 5: My red pick series.


Red4Image 6: My red pick series.


Red5Image 7: My red pick series.


Red6Image 8: My red pick series.

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