The education system in Nepal follows the traditional teaching pattern mostly. Lately there are few schools that have integrated innovative models in teaching but such schools are minimal.

In the traditional method of teaching, there is a teacher centric learning. The teacher becomes the primary source of information. Students rely on teacher’s lecture and their feedbacks. Generally it a lecture based learning. The new models of learning however are just the reverse. For example, Flipped Classroom Concept is a student centric learning approach. The learners explore the topic in depth, learning is reasoned by why and how – makes it more meaningful. Discussions, Research, Experiment, Video lessons are core part of learning.

The traditional method of assessment of student performance is only done at the end of an examination. While newest trends and research in education indicates that testing of knowledge need not be postponed at the end of the examination. It merely flows negative emotions and comparisons. The assessment in fact could be done in a continuous manner throughout the duration of a course in closed feedback loops. The continuous assessment gives student an opportunity to continuously learn and grow at their pace. It is very learning centric rather examination centric.

An adaptive learning system inbuilt with technology facilitates correct pedagogies in learning like the flipped classroom concept, continuous assessment, formative assessment etc.

Edcrayon       http://edcrayon.three60nepal.com/


Edcrayon is Three60’s Education Management System that enables educational institutions to integrate technology in classroom, with a strong focus on correct pedagogy and content. Edcrayon facilitates skill based learning, flipped classroom concept, individualized learning, formative and continuous assessment models among others. The product can be deployed through the use of tablets, laptops and mobile phones facilitating individualized learning. It helps generate statistics and analytics to understand students learning needs.

There are three User Interfaces:

  • Teacher’s UI
  • Admin’s UI
  • Student Android App


Teacher’s UI

Edcrayon’s Teacher’s UI is packed with the latest and most advanced educational features for the teachers while also allowing effortless navigation.

Five Step Lesson Plan- 
Five step lesson plan allows for teachers and students to focus on the learning outcomes and employs methods that are highly relevant for student centered learning.


• Student Groups
- Teachers can create groups of students based on any of their criteria for purposes such as collaborative working and individualized content pushing.


Edcrayon features interactive charts that provide teachers with a snapshot of student and classroom performance.


• Playlist Creation
- Teachers can gather a wide variety of content from Edcrayon content repositories t o create supplement lesson playlists.


Edcrayon allows for one step grade registering for Continuous Assessment System (CAS). Also, updating grades for formative assessment purposes is effortless.



Admin’s UI

Edcrayon’s Admin’s UI is the control and monitoring center that allows schools to manage and customize a wide range of parameters.
• Interactive Charts- 
Edcrayon provided principals, academic deans and other privileged users with interactive charts related to student and teacher performance, enrolments, health, attendance, among others.

• Course Management
- Edcrayon allows defining lesson structures to support different pedagogical system and 
facilitates dynamic creation of playlists to accommodate to that particular system.

• Classroom Management
- Edcrayon allows defining examination, classes, section, examination divisions and allocating examination and examination rubric to different classes.

• User Management
Access Control Layer- is an integral part of Edcrayon. It facilitates definition of user, user- 
group and permission, and mapping of user-groups with different permissions.

• Student Health Management- Three60 believes school is the ideal place to collect children’s health data. Edcrayon allows collecting and analyzing BMI, immunization, allergy, medication, disability and other health data.



Student’s Android App

Edcrayon’s Android App is simple portable powerhouse that allows students to carry their classroom experience with them.

• Device Support
- The application is supported on 7500 plus Android devices including mobile phones and tablets of varying sizes.


• Instant Feedback
- Students receive instant feedbacks and report cards are generated instantaneously. They 
do not have to wait for end of the term performance data.

• Offline content
- Students can download lectures and course contents for offline viewing. This also 
facilitates school to implement flipped classroom.

• Assignment submissions
- Students can submit their assignments using the application. A variety of media content is supported for submission to allow students to demonstrate their creativity.


• Formative assessment tools
- The application is packaged with playful tools such as Color Cards and Drawing Canvas that directly or indirectly help with formative assessment.




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